Empowering Children Success In Their Learning Journey
By Developing Depth of Knowledge and Skills

Smart Champs Tuition Ltd delivers
bespoke and personalised
1 : 1 tuition.
We are Primary and 11 + Specialists.
We offer tailored lessons for Secondary Mathematics.

We’re a company dedicated to provide learning without limits run by an educational leader & qualified primary teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

Smart Champs Tuition is providing online tuition.

Why Smart Champs Tuition?

Smart Champs Tuition Ltd is created with passion and dedication during Covid-19 pandemic to support parents, who are looking for outstanding learning experiences for their children. These tuition lessons are aimed at nurturing and developing love for learning among primary and secondary school children. Moreover, we offer value and thinking based learning that makes a difference by empowering the learners to do their best. Consequently, they make outstanding progress in their learning at school and home.

How can Smart Champs Tuition help?

We work in partnership with teachers and schools to enhance your child’s learning and moving them on to the next steps. We will carry out assessments to find out the specific needs of Smart Champs, then accordingly we will structure lesson activities for them. We also provide written reports on the progress made during the tuition sessions.

A happy child after online tuition

What our parents say…


Essential Skills
11+ 8+ 7+

Ultimate Skills
11+ 8+ 7+

Advance Skills
11+ 8+ 7+




How does this work?

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Our Creative Writing Primary Video Lesson Series

Tania, our lead teacher has put together some primary video lessons to support her pupils' creative writing during Covid-19 lockdown when pandemic forced the schools to shut down.

What makes a good character description? Creative Writing Part 1

SMART CHAMPS TUITION primary Video Lesson 1

How can a Sea Monster be described? Creative Writing Part 2

Smart Champs Tuition Primary Video Lesson 2

What makes a good prediction? Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Smart champs Tuition Primary Video lesson 3