10 Tips for Home Schooling

10 Tips for Home Schooling
A mum is home schooling with the help of smart champs tuition

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many parents have decided to home school their children. Home schooling young children brings its own challenges as we have to juggle with another responsibility of imparting the knowledge to our children. It is crucial that we are using carefully crafted plan of learning that blends traditional learning with modern ICT equipment, less screen time and more joys of real play and discussion. Here are some tips to support home schooling.

Give your child brain breaks, a 5-year-old can concentrate only for 5 seconds.

Make sure you know the latest National Curriculum Expectations for the specific year group.

Build upon the previous knowledge of your child, divide your lesson in 3 or 4 small activities: (1) introduce the new knowledge/skill (2) practise the skill (3) application of the learned skill.

Look out for free resources available on the internet such as activity sheets, lesson ideas and teacher created video lessons

Collaborate with other parents who are home schooling their kids.

If possible talk to the teachers they might be able to provide you some resources.

Children have their own pace. Let them learn on their own pace.

Be flexible with the routine, let the child to be the teacher, who can lead as well.

Many resources, websites have removed their subscription fee, have a look on the internet.

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