Improve Your Creative Writing Lessons For Kids

Creative writing is always a challenge for young children as there are so many steps involved in production of an excellent piece of writing. For example, from free flow writing of first draft to the edited, up levelled and published final draft, the list goes on.

Undoubtedly, it is imperative that for fiction story writing, children are equipped with a range of strategies such as use of five senses, mind maps and show, don’t tell etc. Adding three details in description of actions, characters and personalities can change any boring story into an interesting one that could hook a reader.

What makes a good character description? Creative Writing Part 1

Smart Champs Tuition Primary Video Lesson 1

How can a Sea Monster be described? Creative Writing Part 2

Smart Champs Tuition Primary Video Lesson 2

What makes a good prediction? Journey To The Centre Of …..

Smart Champs Tuition Primary Video Lesson 3